You do NOT pay GST on top of these DJ prices!

Prices for our DJ Service:

  • Our basic package price includes everything you will need. We come and setup before your guests arrive, we play recorded music quietly as they come in and then dance music from about 9pm to 1am. We use Compact Disks for be best sound and all our systems have a full computerized light show. The package price of $525 is due on the evening of the dance. We trust you so do not require a deposit. There is a $30.00 discount if you only want to talk with your DJ on the phone, before the dance. You may book on-line.   

Prices for our Pianist:

  • Two hour of music: $150 + GST
  • Three hours of music: $175 + GST
  • Four hours of music: $200 + GST
  • Add $50.00 + GST to supply an electric keyboard and Amp

Discounts and special prices:

  • If you don't want the lighting: - Subtract $30.00
  • If you don't want the "cocktail music": - Subtract $30.00
  • If you want more or less than 4 hours of dance music: - Add or Subtract $30.00/hour
  • If you only want to talk on the phone with the DJ before the dance, not meet in person: - Subtract $30.00
  • If your dance is outside of Calgary: - Add $1 per Kilometre to the dance.

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2580 Southland Dr. SW, Calgary, Alberta, T2V 4J8